if larry isn't real, idk what true love is anymore.
You and I, not even the Gods above can separate the two of us
No, nothing can come between you and I.

might change my blog/url to an LGBTQ themed blog, and not just Larry.

it’s not like any of my followers are homophobic anyways.

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Anonymous: What do we reblog if we are homophobic?

Nothing, you simply ignore my post and continue scrolling.


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Anonymous: Did you show your dad the post? And btw I fully support you here. You shouldn't be getting any hate <3 good luck xx

I showed him some of them at the beginning, so around 10k reblogs (I took screenshots of them and put them in a binder instead of writing them down), and did the same thing every 10k. I stopped at 90k, and I’m going to continue around next month. His reactions aren’t horrible, but he rolls his eyes, or even sometimes cringes every time. I’ll try to record it for you guys next time. 


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Anonymous: I don't even understand at all how you are getting hate for that post. You're just trying to prove a point, it's not like every other person on this site isn't trying to do the same exact thing. I hope everything works out with your father and your sister. I hope your father DOES change his mind. Homophobia isn't right. Anti-semitism isn't right. Racism isn't right (just to name a few other hate related things that are wrong). So wtf is the fuss about???? I reblogged the post. Good luck.

Thank you, if only I got more messages like this.


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so my dad and i were at the store and we accidentally left the car doors unlocked when we were inside and when we came baCK THIS WAS IN THE BACKSEAT AND IM JUST SO CONFUSED




really? EVERYBODY was kung fu fighting? i find that hard to believe. stop feeding me these lies

Well it was really hard to see if it was everyone, you see they were as fast as lightning.

And to be honest it was a little bit frightening.

Well, frightening or not, at least they all fought with expert timing.

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Anonymous: yes because the superwholock themed online handles of a bunch of online nerds he'll never meet will change his opinion so much. So very, very much. ... do you have any idea how reality works, sweetheart? You don't. He's not going to care if people online, on a site he doesn't use (also known for crazed LGBT+), disagree with his opinion. May you have a thousand awkward thanksgivings.

Please tell me where the fuck I stated I was trying to change his opinion. Wanna know why it’s impossible? Because I never did. I stated twice already that I was doing this to make a statement. I know how reality works, I’m not stupid. I’m not crazed. My sister is bisexual and in the closet and I’m trying to prove a fucking point to him so it’ll be easier for her to come out one day, because I don’t know about you, but I think it would suck to be disowned by your own father for who you fall in love with. Also, putting yourself on anon to give me a message like this is pathetic.


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